My male jr grawling to our suspected pregnant jr x border collie bitch

by Cathrine Grimsey

We think our jr x border collie is pregnant by our jr terrier, why does "he" growl when we show "her" attention...but when we show him attention she always wants to be in on it to and he growls. We don't know what to do because he growls and she gives a little bark, its a little worrying because we cant show them attention unless me separate them, could this be because she pregnant? or could it just be jealousy?

thank you <3

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Nov 28, 2010
by: ScooterMama59


You know I read your problem twice and I think that you might have both problems going on. The jealousy and the fact that your mix JRT collie is possibly pregnant.
The other JRT knows and wants all the attention now, but isn't getting his way.
So, I would suggest that you keep them separate until the puppies are born and then I would be very careful in introducing the pups to him.
You can discourage the growling and barking behaviour in both of the dogs by doing the following religiously.
First, which ever one growls or barks first is put in the locked kennel box for 5 minuts time-out. If you let the dog back out and they proceed to do the samething, then you put them back in the locked kennel box and add one minute to the original 5 minutes.
This is a no-fail technique, but you must follow thru each time without fail.
Please let me know how this goes,
Stef, Belgium, TEXAN JRT Lover!

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