My Loveable and Adorable Bocefus!

by April Moore
(Port St. Lucie, FL USA)

My Baby Bo

My Baby Bo

Bo is not a full bred Jack, but he's perfect! I had wanted a Jack Russell for quite some time, ever since I saw them on animal planet in a race, and it just so happened that a friend of mine had a male Jack and a female that's Fox terrier and Yorkie, who was going to have puppies. I fell in love with my baby when he was barely a week old! He's my shadow and does everything he can to please me. He's now 6 months old, and although we had a rough start of it, he's pretty much completely potty trained. He now knows several phrases, including "go potty" and "go bye bye" Oh and "want a treat?". He's an awesome puppy, though very hyper, and I wouldn't trade him for anything!!

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