My Little Reggie Dog

by Carolyn M
(Sanford, Fl)

I got my Jack at the pound when he was 10 weeks old. I had him for nearly 14 years and lost him to cushings syndrome and kidney failure. He was a amazing little happy dog and I miss the heck out of him. His name was Reggie and he was the pet love of my life. It's been two weeks since I put him to sleep, he was so weak and sick it was the right thing to do. As hard as it was to do it was a act of love. I looked into his eyes as the vet put him to sleep and watched him go. It was mixed emotions, I was releived he was not suffering anymore, but terribly sad that to see him go.

Coping with him passing has been so difficult. A friend gave me a toy stuffed Jack Russell doll. I put Reggie's collar on the toy which does help me feel like he's still around. The jingling of this tags is comforting.

My dog was so special to me as I know yours is to you. Enjoy the moments with your dog and give them a hug and kiss and a extra long walk.

The pounds are full of dogs that need a good home. As much as I would like to go to a breeder for a long legged Jack, I'll get a dog from the pound. When adopt a dog it's for life. I looking forward to another dog, but will always miss my little boy Reggie dog.

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