My Little Man Milo!

by Lisa
(Dorset, UK)

Say Hello to Milo

Say Hello to Milo

I chose his name because the children and I loved the Jack Russell in the film The Mask with Jim Carrey! He is 8 months old now, I was always a cat person, my partner a dog person. He suggested why not get a small dog now we have children? So this little guy chose me, and was the most affectionate out of the entire litter of 10! He jumps up in my arms, follows me everywhere, he adores the children and is very protective, never seeing this before as I never owned or was brought up with dogs, every little thing he does is fascinating! Milo Plays great football in the garden, he just loves running and playing, but he does love his cuddles. I just could not be without this little guy now, I love him to bits!

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