Jack Russel

My Little Baby

by Linet
(Miami, Fl, United States )

Meet Lolly

Meet Lolly

Hi my name is Linet, I have a Jack Russell terrier. She is female and she is 4 months old. First let me tell to you a little bit of myself and how I got my pet. I am Latino, and like many migrants who come to this country seeking a better way of life and overcome as a person, leaving behind those who most love. Since arriving knew that I was missing something to be completely happy. The emigrate leave a great void in my heart because my best to leave behind friends and family and a dog who had been with me 13 years. I cried every day for things left behind. My parents were thinking of the idea of adopting a dog, since my arrival would bring a little joy to our house. One day we went to Animal Services and spent two hours inside the place looking for the perfect dog, finally did not find. I did not want or imagine having to return to my home with empty hands, but something wonderful step. We was leaving just when we were about a lady and asked us if we wanted to adopt a pet, we responded positively and asked the inmediantamente that of your question, then source told us that she had a gentleman who was selling the puppies, 2 and a half months since could not take care of them. Then he ran was only one female and was very nice, but then my papa wonder the price of the dog and another tragedy happened, my parents are not able to pay because the money does not reach us, sadly we gave back to the car when the gentleman approached us and said, I do not want money, I just want people who really care and give much love, but that they were going to give away because it was by his side will be well, that was the happiest moment I've had since arriving, already last month and a half and already I am not the same as before, all-weather river, and I am not sad that person, is incredible as something as small brought light to my house, gifts happy moments and filled with love, not only to me but to my entire family, in fact I think it is a gift from God, now I thank him for Lolly to get in my way.

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Aug 30, 2008
Best of Luck
by: Robyn

A lovely story and a cute dog. I hope you and Lolly have lots of luck and a long time together.

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