My JRT has started Growling, Snarling & Snapping

Hi my 11 month old mini JRT has recently started growling, snarling and snapping for no reason at all. We may only be petting him or go to pick him up or even just talking and he will start snarling and growling and he really quite scares us. Do you have any advice on why he is like this and what we can do to stop him being like this.

I hope we hear from you soon, we are desperately seeking help.

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Sep 10, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

I can tell you from experience, that this is the time that (usually) male JRT's will start to express their manhood.
Your sweet little JRT has figured out, by practicing, that he can force his will (wants) on you and your family.
So, what do you do? There are two things that work, so you will have to try both and see which one he reponds to better (maybe both). This can be used for many of the JRT negative behavioral situations.
First, as soon as he starts to growl or behave in a negative way, pick him up, look directly in his eyes (get his full attention- even if you have to hold his head) and tell him in a very firm voice, "NO"! Put on tough gloves to protect your hands, if need be. If as soon as you put him down and he does it again, REPEAT right away.
Secondly, roll him over gently and again look into his eyes (hold head if necessary) and give him the same command as above. You must do this EVERYTIME to be sucessful with your JRT. They are smart and if your not smartier, they will know it. You must show him that you are the boss and not him. This may take a few days or even weeks, but don't give up as you must assert your authority as BOSS!
Please tell me how things are going for you after you start this,
Stef, Brussels, Belgium, NATO

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