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My JRT Grew a lump in her neck


My name is Desmond and i'm the proud owner of a 8month old JRT, but she grew a lump in her neck that have me worried. She eats well and pretty much continues as nothing is wrong, she doesn't respond negatively when I touch it so it doesn't seem to be painful. She had one a couple weeks go just a bit lower down the neck and it disappeared a couple of days later and now seems to be the same things just higher up. It starts out small and grows to about the size of a golf ball. I have no idea what it is and are getting worried. Any advice will be appreciated.

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May 17, 2010
Turned out to be an abscess
by: Desmond

Got instructed to drain in and clean it about 5 times a day with a cloth dipped in warm salt water, at first leave the cloth on for about 5 min, it helps drawing the pus out apparently. The wound should stay open for about 2 days so that everything drains out, if the wound heals to quickly some bacteria will get caught up and the abscess will just start over again. Oh and a course of antibiotics. So far so good, will keep everyone updated.

May 14, 2010
by: Anonymous


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