Jack Russel

My Jack Russell x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

by Sue
(London, UK)

My Jack Russell x Staffordshire Bull Terrier came to us this summer, she was a year old and all tatty and unloved, she was awful, jumping up and snapping at our faces, I didn't think we would cope and after 3 weeks passed was considering having her put down.

There were a few reasons why I got this dog, my daughter died in 2010, which was horrific, sadly her little dog Charlie pined to death 2 weeks later, my life became unbearable, after a year passed my staffie Peach had to be put down, it seemed every bit of normality was slowly being taken from me, and I could not function properly from one day to the next. I found a picture of Fudge (as she was known then) in a free to a good home section on the internet, I had been looking for a Jack Russell, and although she is half Staffordshire, she looks more like a Jack, I had to get her.

The first thing we did when we got her home was change her name to Miss Lola Ferrari (lola), then we got her a lovely pink diameni collar, and fed her up, no more grotty, nearly imbedded collar and a diet of dried dog food. But what a nightmare she was, biting and lunging at you, and taking her out was impossible.

Then my son started taking her to the local park, and noticed she was very dog and child friendly, after weeks of work and building trust, she is probably the best little dog we have ever owned, and probably has the best instead of the worst traits of both breeds, protective, loyal and lively.

I will download pictures of her soon so you will see what a lovely mix these two breeds are, although I still count her to be a Jack Russell, she has made my life worthwhile again.

Editor Comment


Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. It confirms what everyone here already knows, that with a little love and attention, a Jack Russell will be the best dog you ever had.

All the best,


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