My Jack Russell will not go to the bathroom at night when we are all ready to go to bed

by Belinda Sloat
(Severna Park, MD, USA)

Our one year old JRT is a wonderful dog. He's a mommy's boy for sure. We have consistent bathroom routines in place sine he joined our family as an 8 week old puppy. We go our for the night at the same time every night, around 9 pm. He won't go to the potty. He wants to sniff around and dig and bark but no bathroom business. As a result, he's had some accidents during the night. It's not every night but still annoying, especially since Dexter has been given ample opportunity to do his business. My sister's dog,has a cocker spaniel same age will go out, walk five steps, pee, and then sniff around for a minute and poop. That's a dream dog to me!

Any advice? Do Jacks take more time? Are they particular about where they go? Like I said, the problem is only at bedtime.

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