My Jack Russell Terriers were Attacking People!

by Eric
(STL )

I have to male litter mates....5 months old. The weather finally broke so I took them to the park yesterday for the first time...other dogs, strollers etc.

It was horrible they were in extreme attack mode!
People were running by me just to get past my small but vicious dogs. I was truly embarrassed!

I don't live in a "neighborhood" so they are not use to the whole stroller thing and people walking by everyday. I'm not going to give up, they need to settle down and learn to not go after things. By the way they would never bite anyone or anything, they are just all talk!

Should I get them classes, or should I get them neutered?

Suggestions Accepted!!!



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May 03, 2008
Attack Dogs
by: Harborview

Yes Yes Yes, neuter asap! You may still have some problems ahead of you as there is same sex aggression with Jack Russell's. Be aware of this and do some research on it. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. Classes would do good also. You need to get them outside and get them to experience all kinds of things, When they start to howl and bark at something coming their way, immediately and abruptly turn in the opposite direction till they settle down. When they do reverse your direction again, if they start up again, reverse direction again. Just be careful and I wouldn't leave the two males loose alone when you are not there to monitor them. Especially once the hormones kick in. They may fight for dominance.

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