my jack russell runs away please help.

by rebecca
(west yorkshire)

Hello. I'm wondering if you could help me. I have just recently rescued milly my little jack russell from the kennels we have had her about 5 weeks now she is really well behaved apart from running off i have tried her with treats such as cheese chicken etc. she will listen sometimes but then before you know it she has gone. i cant seem to find out any information on the internet about how to stop this.We make her sit on her bed and ignore her for about 5 minutes is this a good idea because its clearly not working with her. Please could you help if you have any ideas at all its driving me crazy.

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Dec 17, 2007
Stubborn and obstinate.
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Rebecca.

This goes along with the typical Jack behavior problems we owners face. They are so human that when it comes to wanting to go where they want to go, they take off.

I had this same problem with Annie, and she could be quite determined to get where she wanted to go even while I was calling for her to come back.

The problem is, they are extremely territorial. And all day long they are busy patrolling their borders and checking out every new incident inside and outside those borders. And taking that job so seriously, it will supersede their subordination to the master's call.

And yes, it can drive you crazy, and can even be dangerous for them when they don't come when you call.

So what to do? I had to get an expert's advice because I couldn't get Annie to cooperate on this one. Dove Cresswell is the best I've found (you can check it out on my Training K9 Ebook page) She's great and the method worked for my Annie as well as all the other methods for every training need you might have. I couldn't believe it. I'm still applying the things she taught me. And it was so easy to learn it because it's a video tutorial where you see and hear every thing she does. When I forget, I go and look at it again and have it right at my fingertips without having to read anything.

Anyway, you can see what you think. And let me know how it turns out. Jack Russells can be a bit frustrating when they are young and it takes a little work to get them in shape. But once they are, they are the perfect dog and companion.

Lots of luck.

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