My Jack Russell Dixie Was My World

by Tammie Padgett
(Daytona Beach, Florida USA)

She and her monkey and as a road warrior

She and her monkey and as a road warrior

This is my beloved Dixie. She came to me in a strange way. She belonged to a neighbor who had her and 3 min pins. She always managed to scale the chain linked fence and come to my house three doors down. Every morning for a week as I would leave for work she would be in a chair on the porch. After taking her back daily, I asked the owner what he was going to do about her getting out. His response was: "do you want her?" There was no hesitation in me screaming "YES!" I took my little girl home with me and our journey began. She was hyper and hard to break of a few habits, but the love I had for her only made me determined to train her. We succeeded! There was a one year period that she was taken from my home and I could not find her. A year went by, and with the help of an angel above, I found her. Upon finding her, I called her name and she coward down and slowly came towards me as if asking "is it really you?" Once again we were reunited and never again was she out of my sight. We ended up traveling the US together with my fiance in a Tractor-Trailer (Semi). She loved that more than I did. Along with a few good stories in that area, she and I had the most fun seeing all the US states. Her first encounter to snow was hilarious, as she was a Florida girl. She remained mine for 16 years and the bond she and I had was more than just having a pet. She was my world and was treated like a human.

She and I ended our journey together January 2012. She passed away in my arms traveling at 65 mph up I-95 in Florida doing what she loved best. The memories I have of her are so precious and forever in my heart. Not a day goes by I don't think of her and cry. She was a beautiful loving Jack Russell who I will hold in my heart until we meet that day in the future at the Rainbow Bridge.

Editor Note

Tammie thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. It is a true tribute to the special relationship between Jack Russell's and their human parents.


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Oct 31, 2013
Meant to be
by: Shane

Thank you for sharing your story it gives me hope I will be ok when my beloved Tomoe passes.She is going to be 15 in March. I hope i have the strength to do as you have done.Thank you

Oct 30, 2013
by: Diane

That's such a lovely story! Talk about a dog who was meant to be with you! You'll never replace her but maybe she'll make her way back to you again through another xxx

Oct 30, 2013
The journey begins
by: Sue

I have a 13 week old Jack Russell named Jasmine.Our life journey is just beginning but I hope it will be as beautiful as yours and Dixies was.xlobido

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