My Jack is TOO crazy when we have company

by Andra Harter
(Florence SC, US )

I have a Jack named Keiser and he is a little over a year old. He's ridiculously smart and listens to everything that comes out of my mouth. He knows where his food is, when it's feeding time. Where his leash is. When I ask if he wants Peanut butter he goes and stands at the cabinet, then once I get the PB he then goes to the drawer and waits for me to get the spoon. Just some examples.

Of course he's always hyper...he runs & plays constantly and that's fine...we even got him a kitty and he bothers us a lot less to play now. She keeps him busy and they love each other like crazy.

My problem is this: Whenever anybody comes over to the house as soon as he hears them walk up the steps he FREAKS out and starts barking and growling. On one hand, good, because I'm here alone a lot and like to know when there's somebody in my yard. The problem is that he's all over people when they come in the door and he WON'T stop! No matter how many times I tell him, he just jumps and jumps and jumps! Most people don't mind him, but some do. I end up having to tell him to go to his room (our bedroom) and then I have to shut him in. If I leave him there for 10 minutes and then go let him out, he's fine. He doesn't act like that anymore. I've tried the whole getting my fiance to knock on the door & giving him a treat if he sits still when he comes back in...but it only worked for a week. What else can I do to get him to calm down? I hate putting him in the room because it's a punishment and I don't think it's fair for him to be in trouble for being excited to see somebody! It's so bad that he almost knocked my mom out the last time she came to visit. He's worse with the people he absolutely loves like my mom or my best friends son. Usually if they pick him up and give him love he stops, but not the past few times. He's just SO happy to see them that he loses self control. Sometimes he even gets so excited he tinkles on people.


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Dec 22, 2010
barking Jack
by: Anonymous

Roll up a news paper and smack the wall or a nearby hard object. And say no! The "thwack" sound startels them and breaks their concentration and they stop barking. All I have to do is show mine the newspaper and she calms. I have never touched her she just hates the sound.

Aug 30, 2010
Take him outside to meet others and....
by: ScooterMama59

The first thing I would do is start taking him to a pet park or any park to be around other people and dogs, DAILY! He just loves them both, that when they do come over he goes crazy. Sounds like a typical JRT. Also, practice ringing your doorbell, going inside and let your mate do this to. Have others bring a small treat and that should help a lot with this. He's actually telling you that someone is here at the door and he wants them to come in. If need be, before the others come to the house put him in a crate that he can see completely out of, like the steel ones. It should be right in the livingroom and not away from the area. Put him in there and let them give him a small treat. After he calms down then let him out. He will figure it out very quickly that calming down, means coming out! GOD bless you and your precious JRT!

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