My female JRT Bites me

by Margie
(Mesa, AZ)

I acquired a 4 year old non-spayed female JRT from a young couple who just had a baby. She is very sweet and loving most of the time, and she is great with my male, same age. I have only 2 problems that I seem to be unable to handle. When she sees someone, or another animal (cat or dog), walking in front of our house, she barks non-stop and I am unable to get her attention to stop her barking. I have tried touching her to get her attention, but she turns her aggression on me and tries to bite me. She even jumps up to try to bite. I have also tried grabbing her around her neck, just behind her head, but she still manages to get her head turned enough to bite my fingers. If I am able to get her calmed down, she becomes the sweet loving JRT. Can you give me any advice on how to correct these two problems.


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Jul 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

You could try keeping a leash on her, in the house, and take her away with the leash? They are so intent, it's difficult, but with my Jack, who loves to get excited over squirrels, I get up from what I am doing and stand between him and the windows. Shush him away, point, etc. I can't imagine my Jack biting me. You may have to flatten her a couple of times to break the aggression? I got my Jack as a pup and never allowed him to bite me or anyone else and it didn't take long for him to be wise to the dicipline. They are very smart, that's for sure.

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