My Darlin Boy

by Angeles

Darlin Jumping Excitedly

Darlin Jumping Excitedly

Hi everyone! My Jack's name is Darlin Teo (following my Sirname of coz! as he's my precious little baby!. He is 6 1/2 years old boy now but definitely you can't tell from his never ending energy.

Every morning, he will lick my face at 7:00am to wake me up. (He really saved me a few times from being late for work when I was totally knocked out in deep sleep) Then he will sit in the kitchen patiently waiting for his food. He is so close to me that wherever I am (in the house), he needs to follow. When I bathe, it's a must for him to have half of his body inside the bathroom (as he don't want to get himself all wet) sticking out his head.

But one thing, he doesn't like to bathe and he doesn't like water. I brought him to the beach and when the waves came, he panicked and pounded on me with fear..

He likes to sleep horizontally with his Hello Kitty Little Pillow and likes to hide himself inside his Winnie the Pooh blanket too. He doesn't really bark a lot but he does dig a lot. Whenever I gave him a treat, he will find places like sofa, my bags and even me! and start digging, stuffing the treat deep in, and find something to cover it, till he forgot where he kept them at times..

He sometimes digs in between me and the bed, and starts stuffing his chewing bone inside, and pulls my clothes or blanket to cover it up.. It always made me laugh when he did this because he didn't even realize the clothes is that I'm wearing on me and he certainly found a very wrong hiding place. I turn slightly and took the bone away and turned back to the previous position. When he wants to find his bone, he can't find it, and began searching here and there for it with a (?) question mark look on his face.

Everyday he will need me to hug him for a few minutes before I go to work. If not, he won't even send me off. He just went back to the room showing his displeasure. A little trouble maker at times.

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Feb 18, 2009
Darlin Boy
by: penny Brantley

Ain't he too cute.He looks like he would be a handful. My JRT Squirt has to have a hugs too, and she hates to take a bath. If I make a mistake and say the word Bath, she will run and hide under the bed, they are so funny. I don't understand why people get these dogs and then don't want them anymore. Darlin is beautiful. Take care.

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