My Daisy

by Jennifer
( Syracuse, ny)

Good Ol' Daisy came to me from my sister. She got into a fight with her beagle sister one day and beagle pretty much tore her head apart. She went in for emergency surgery and I picked her up and took her home to recuperate at my house I sat up with her all night making sure she was okay, she was passed out from anesthesia, but I think she knew I was present. I had to give her all sorts of meds, and just took care of her the way anyone would, not knowing that I would inherit her.

I love her to death, she is 9 years old and acts like she is still 2. She is my little shadow and as I write this she is sitting beside me.

Daisy loves her tennis ball, Frisbee, naps, walks, popcorn and cheese.

Daisy does not care for children very much, luckily we do not have any. She is my little protector and follows me everywhere and barks at anyone in my space.

I am trying to upload pics all nite, but it keeps telling me its too big but from others I Have seen its the same size so not sure how I can show a pic, but I will keep trying.

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Nov 27, 2010
by: ScooterMama59


Thank you for the story of you and Daisy. Even without the picture I'm so, so, touched. You helped to save her life and in return she is blessing yours. GREAT STORY!
I wish you both many wonderful years together, just you and your Shadow!

The best to you both,
Stef, BE, JRT Texas Lover

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