My Boy O.C.

by Deb
(Annville, Pennsylvania)

My precious 11 year old Jack Russell pup died on 4/14/12. His name was O.C. and he was my pride and joy. He was there for me in good times and helped me through some very bad times. I think of him constantly. When I was at the computer...he was there by my side. When I was in bed...he lay at my feet with his head on my leg. Even loading the dishwasher...he was there ( just to make sure there wasn't any good morsels of food left). :)

He had a very fast growing abdominal tumor and the vet believes that he hemorrhaged internally. He died in my arms with me holding him, and telling him I loved him.

I feel so empty and it hurts so much. For all the pain, I would not trade those 11 years with such a loving, playful, wonderful friend. My O.C., Mommy will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I will love you forever.

Editor Comment

We are so sorry for your loss, but appreciate that you shared the joy of your wonderful Jack Russell O.C.

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