My beloved dog - TOMAS

by Dmytro

Doberman Tomas

Doberman Tomas

As I was in school my biggest dream was to have a dog, but we could not afford to have a dog into our small apartment at the 5th floor. So I have to wait until our family moved to private house in the summer 1997. I can’t describe how happy I was than I finally got a Doberman pinscher puppy and I called him TOMAS. Tomas every day pleased us with the overindulgence, enthusiasm and playful character. As the puppy he not always was very obedient and at times it was necessary to punish him. But how it is possible to punish strictly such nice creature? Therefore all his tricks almost always was forgiven in few seconds.

His most favorite game was to play football at back yard with me and yang dog called Deniska. It is impossible to describe his pleasure when he saw a ball in my hands. He at once rushed to search for the favorite rubber toy which he took in a mouth to not bite through a ball. We have cold winters in Ukraine therefore Thomas lived together with us in the house and liked to sleep both at his place and in a room of my parents near the warm battery. In the evenings when all our family gathered in hall to watch TV he came and approaches to everyone to play with. It was enormous pleasure for him.

On the 8th year of his life he becomes less active and playful. There were first attributes of aging. He began to sleep and search for warm places. But he has not become less favorite by our family. Approximately one year ago he got really sick. Doctor said that he had problems with his kidneys. He suggested us to lull him. But we have decided to struggle up to the last. We have addressed in other clinic and have passed serious course of treatment. Illness has receded for about a year.

But finally his illness has given a strong aggravation. His back paws have strongly swelled and it became heavy to him to walk. We continued to struggle for him, I did not sleep at the nights and looked after it him, fed and gave water from hands and made massage of his swelled up paws. But I he don’t feel better and results of analysis have shown, that in kidneys there were irreversible reactions and chances of recover are not present. With grief on heart we have made a decision to release him in the best world and have asked the doctor to make him last infection to facilitate his sufferings.

28/10/2007 Tomas has gone forever. If to compare his age with humans he was about 58 years old. Tomas is not with us any more but he will remain in our loving hearts forever!

Hope they can play with your Jimbo under the rainbow bridge.

With love,

Dmytro Petrov from Ukraine

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