My Babies

by Sandra
(Gadsden, AL)

I have 2... not 1 but 2 Jack Russell Terriers and I wouldn't have it any other way. Their names are Dixie (almost 5) and Rocky (almost 3) and they love each other more than any dog could ever love another dog. I love them like they are my children. I really honestly don't know what I would do without them. I enjoy them to the fullest. I look forward to coming home every day to see them and when me and my husband go out of town, it kills me to leave them. Dixie sometimes gets in the suitcase when I'm packing. She is so funny. We had her spade and now she is getting fat and becoming lazier, but she still wants to chase her ball. Rocky, on the other hand, is feisty, full of life, happy, strong, cocky, sweet, and mean. Whatever adjective you can think of to describe a dog. That's Rocky. lol. They both love doing tricks. Dixie catches a small basketball in the air with her paws, slams it on the ground and hikes it between her legs. She won a local pet trick contest 2 years in a row doing that. She also catches food in her mouth. She sits on command and speaks. The funny thing is when she speaks, no sound comes out, she just moves her mouth. I taught her that cuz when she spoke before, the sound was piercing... so I kept putting my finger on my mouth saying shhhhhhhh and now she shushes. lol. Rocky won a pet trick last summer jumping through a hoola hoop and walking across the stage on his back legs. He also twirls around and sits and speaks, catches food in his mouth and the best part is his begging stance.. Love it! He is sooo cute and very strong as he is doing it. Both have been learning to leave a snack in front of them and not take it until I tell them they can have it. They both play soccer too. When I throw the basketball to them, they bounce it off their nose back to me. Rocky is stronger at it. I have to be ready to catch it when he is playing. They both sleep in our bed at night. My husband hates it cuz they take up a lot of space. But we can't seem to bring ourselves to kick them out. lol. They sleep up under the covers. How they breathe, I don't know. Rocky thinks he is a Pit bull. He has already gotten into fights with 3 big neighborhood dogs who just come strolling in our yard while I had mine on leashes taking them to pee. One incident was rough. The dog was really wanting to just play, but Rocky didn't see it that way. He saw it as that dog was in his territory. When I tried to stop the dogs from fighting, all I could do was hit the dog with one of the leash holders and scream at him. While I was doing this, I was having to pick both of my dogs up, their leashes were tangled around my legs and the dog was still coming at Rocky. Dixie weighs about 25lbs (feels like 50). So, all I could do was inch my way to the house...finally got them in, Whew! It was pretty rough. But anyway, I love my babies. If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask. I may not have the answer, or the right answer, but I can definitely see if I can help or make suggestions. Thanx, Sandra

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