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My Angel.. The Beginning of Jack Russell

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Baby Angel

Baby Angel

In january 2007, I was having a really hard time, home, school, and much more too. I went up to see some friends at the stables where my horse used to be kept, I went to see the stable my horse used to be in when 'pippa' a Jack Russell I used to love bounced around in the stable and behind her was three little balls of fur.

I had always wanted my own dog but nothing had ever come of it, but the during half hour drive home I couldn't stop thinking about these pups and the more I thought of them, the more I wanted a little friend to take home.

I arrived home and had to go and do my horse at his new yard, I saw my friends Jack Russell running about and thought, I wish ... if only...
I walked home still thinking of the pups and would not shut up to my mum for hours. "I want that bond, it's special and amongst one of them pups is my best friend" I was saying it took ages and ages I would not stop. I had said to my mum a million times about a dog, and every time there was a new litter of pups I wanted one, but this was different...I needed one!! I needed a friend, a companion, an angel.

Eventually after hours of nagging my mum said yes, and I'm not going to lie, I was shocked!! I never thought she would agree.

I hugged my mum for the first time in years and ran round the flat screaming with happiness. I asked her if we could go tonight, I'm not letting this go i thought and again, shockingly, she said ok.

On the way there we stopped at Pets at Home to get a blanket and bowls ect. We got to the yard and I went and sat with the pups, one (a boy) was sold so there was two little bitches left. They looked the same and I couldn't decide. After ages the yard owner said "you have to hurry up and pick one, its been ages". I was holding a pup in my arms, I looked at her and said "ok, I might as well have this one then". Those were the best words I ever said in my life.

And so the adventures of me and my best friend in the whole world begin ....My angel .....

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