My 2yr old JRT female started peeing on my bed...

by Tan

Leila at 6 months old

Leila at 6 months old

I have two JRTs - a male X that is 4yrs old and a 2yr old miniature female. In the last two weeks my female JRT has started peeing on my bed. It has now happened 4 times and since it's winter, its extremely annoying trying to dry my quilt and sheets.

I have never caught her doing it however, so I can't discipline her (she has never been smacked or anything just reprimanded by me yelling NO at her). I just come home and find my sheets and bed wet.
They get taken for a walk every morning before I go to work for at least 45mins and most days I am back at home for lunch and take them to the doggie park around the corner. I live in a terrace that has a doggie door so they can go outside whenever they need to where they also have access to a courtyard and a pet loo that I have purchased for them a few months ago. But they do have free run of the house. They are both fully house trained.
I don't know what has happened in the last two weeks to make her do this but they sleep in my bed (under the sheets) occasionally and I don't want to block my room off as their beds are also in there and they love sleeping / playing / wrestling on my bed during the day while I am at work.
I am at my wits end as to how to stop her from peeing on my bed.
They are both desexed and I have seen her pee on the bath mat a few times in the past - so I am assuming it is the female dog.
I have taken her to the vet and she has no infection...

Please help...

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