by christine
(boksburg johannesburg)

Q,why does my jrt puppy(2 month) bite my hand when playing,it is not a soft playful bite, are we doing something wrong when playing?she gets a treat when she brings the ball back,and then the biting starts again.

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Aug 30, 2011
In regards to Jack Russell biting
by: Anonymous

Hello, my 1 year old jack had that problem a wile ago, i found out every time we were playing and she bit me i was giving her treats, she then thought that biting was OK to do, you need to hold off on the treats and reaffirm that biting is unacceptable, eventually your jack will learn.

Jul 19, 2011
Help from a former Jack Russell Breeder
by: Kathryn

Jack Russell Terriers are Hunting Dogs, they do this to train their instincts. I was breeding JRTs for a long time and all of my little puppies did the same thing. They will also run off if they smell something, unless that dog is well trained. If you have anymore Questions just email me at

Apr 24, 2011
jack russel bitting
by: christine

We have a Jack Russell puppy (GiGi) - I want to know if the biting is an aggressive or playful way\manner? And in both situations,how do I train an deal with it?

Hope to hear from you soon because she is 2 months, is there room for improvement?

What to do? Please may I have some good advice?

Kind regards


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