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more than a dog my best friend

by amanda

more than a dog,my best friend

more than a dog,my best friend

Tyson means more to me than anything in the world because when i was younger i suffered depression and was getting worse day by day still working at a local kennels,i was walking home one day when i saw a sign outside a farm *Pups for sale* so just being nosy i knocked on the door and a man answered i asked to see the pups and he lead me into the barn.There in front of me was a bunch of noisy barking jack Russell terriers.As i sat down to let the mum of the pups have a sniff for first,i felt a tugging on my the back of the pants as i looked around there he was a 4week old beautiful little puppy male.It seemed like our eyes locked straight away,never believed in true love until l saw him.As i scooped him up he was licking my face and wagging his little stump of a tail.I must have been there for 1hour.As i turned to the man to say thanks i will be back i looked back at that one puppy and he winked at me i knew he was the one.As soon as i came through the door and i ran to my mum and said im in love she seemed so please but it wasn't what she expected.After sitting my parents down and having a long chat they agreed to come and have a look at him.Within 10mins i payed the man and took my new little best friend home.My parents said what are you gonna call him and i said Tyson as soon as i did he looked at me.Within 48hours after bringing him home i was back to my old self all happy and cheery.My parents are very thankful that Tyson came along or else who knows what would have happened.I owe i a lot to Tyson he is like my rescuer and also best friend.We do everything together.I have had 4years of non stop love and fun.And i hope for more years to come.

Amanda Wild

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Aug 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

Oh Amanda, what a heart warming, touching story. I am so glad Tyson was there for you, just proves again the power these little ones have!! JRT rules the dog world, and human one.

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