Jack Russel

Miya Girl!

by Rhonda Sanders
(Perry Hall, Maryland)

Mi-Ya Girl !

Mi-Ya Girl !

Miya Is our first family dog ever. We were at the local mall shopping one day, I always make a stop in the pet store to check out all the animals. Miya was so tiny she could fit on the tiney 5"x5" rug in her cage. As I gazed at all the puppies with about 10 others, I swear Miya put on her charm to win me over... turning her head side ways and winking as if to say.. look at me look how cute I am. She wasn't interested in anyone else there but me. All my visits to the pet store over the years I never asked to have a personal visit with a puppy before until that day. I turned to my Husband and said I want to play with that puppy, Shes so cute and I think she is reaching out to me. So, we asked the clerk to allow us to visit with her, and within 5 minutes "SNAP" Miya won me over. After debating with my Husband begging and pleading to buy her. I got my way!! As we walked away another couple was watching the entire exchange with me begging my husband to allow me to have the dog.. The couple said as we were walking to the check out counter "we were going to buy her if you weren't" Feeling even better with my decision- I could tell Miya would have been much happier with my family then the couple and their 4 young kids.

Once we got her home, Miya settled in great, everyone said ohhh no Jack Russell's are crazy hyper! And I always add "AND SMART!" Miya is 1 year 6 mos. now.. We Love her..

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Jan 12, 2009
Another Cute JRT from MD
by: Tina - from Baltimore MD

She is just adorable. She looks a lot like my Mr. Leo - he is a nut.

Jan 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Miya is a cute little pup! When you read this site and see how many people truly love their Jacks, you can be reassured. They need lots of exercise, daily walks and play times and they will be the best of family pets! I wish I had gotten a JRT a long time ago. Ours is 2 1/2 and we sure do enjoy him.

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