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missy's story

by karen

We brought Missy from a breeder up in oxford.

there were a few jack Russell dogs long haired and short haired ,We went for a long ish haired dog female,We named her Missy she is now 19 mth old and she love life she loves all the children youngest being 3 yrs she thinks the world of them?
She will always cuddle up be side you more so if she is cold or tired..but loves a good bark in the garden!
Missy loves the woodland area she loves rolling around in the dirt,Her hobbies are chasing birds ,and airplanes if she could catch one?
We are thinking whether to mate Missy this year.
Missy loves all weather types ..she loves the snow that's been around.but that's a j/r for you

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Jan 04, 2010
Vulnerable female?
by: Anonymous

Aren't you concerned that letting the 19mo unspade female run loose, she will get impregnated by the wrong partner? Mating with a big dog might endanger her life!

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