miss allaway

by sasha allaway
(surbiton surrey)

i have a 9mth jack called mj -hes a lovely dog -i exercise him for 2 hrs a day hes well trained full of character and is well loved -i have 3 children aged 13,8 and 5 ,he is great with the kids but has developed a naughty streak where he protects my 8 year old daughter,well over the top-if the kids are playing he will go for the person he sees as a threat -which is my other children and my partner -please give me some advice to solve this -as this is an accident waiting to happen .

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Jan 22, 2011
by: ScooterMama

I would not wait until MJ does what he is indeed planning to do.

A little retraining is in order. When the kids are playing, whether in the house or out, he must be put in the locked kennel. I prefer the metal kennel boxes, so that the JRT can still see what is going on around him.

Tell the children what you are doing and they are not to let MJ out unless you tell them to.
He is territorial and taking care of his people. If he feels like one member of the family can not or will not defend themselves, then HE HAS A JOB!

So, he has to relearn being nice and not aggressive to ANYONE, whether they are visitors or family.
This may take from hours to days to weeks(about 3), but as soon as he returns to his delinquent ways you must immediately put him back in the locked kennel box until he conforms again to what is right and expected of him.

Stick with it and he will convert, but the timeframe for the retraining is determined by just how stubborn he is or NOT.

Let me know how things go or if I can help you further with this situation.

Shalom, Stef, Belgium, TEXAN JRT LOVER!

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