Minnie the Mooch

by Dallas Fisher
(Annapolis County, NS, Canada)

"Is That Steak?"

Minnie was bought for my daughter but right from the first she decided she was my dog. "Mistress Minnie" or "Princess Pinnie" leads a life of luxury for a dog with loads of space to run around and chase squirrels, birds and rabbits. She has caught a rabbit but only held it there until I caught up as she has no killer instinct, she is a lover not a killer. Like many Jack Russell's she loves to sleep under the covers and has to be reminded daily of her position in the family. She shares her home and "staff" grudgingly with a patient, lovable Springer Spaniel "Jett". She has several bad habits not the least of which is begging or demanding food, hence the title "Minnie the Mooch". She is the short smooth hair variety with longer very powerful legs really built for speed, even at 6 years old she is still the fastest creature I have ever seen. Minnie was born in Manitoba Canada and has moved to Nova Scotia, the cold winters in Manitoba were not to her liking and we often say she was never meant to be a prairie dog and now she is a sea dog. We live across the road from the Annapolis basin and we go for walks along the Fundy shore and on Minnie's all time favorite day she found a dead seal and rolled in it, pew lovely she was so proud of her self. Minnie has been a wonderful companion and listened well through a divorce, empty nest and 2 tours of my son in Afghanistan. She adores my new boyfriend and he hold a firm second place in her heart.

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