Milo from Preston, Uk

by Rachael and Michael

Milo in the Decemeber Snow 2009

Milo in the Decemeber Snow 2009

Milo our 14 weeks old Jack Russell Terrier is very well behaved, any that comes to the house says how good he is, everyone adores him! People in the street have asked us if they can take him home (no chance :oP). He enjoys walks only short ones at the moment he cries half way through and stops on long ones, he loves snow, loves all his chew toys especially his soft, squeaking teddy, he sits and waits for his food and when we put it on the floor he waits and looks at us until we say "go on then". He has learn t sit, stay and paw command. He hasn't chewed a thing, he puts things in his mouths but as soon as we spot him we say "leave" and he leaves it. He is toilet trained. He is soooo loving and cuddly. We have only had him for 5 weeks and it feels like he has always been here! Recommend a jack Russell terrier any day! x

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