Jack Russel

Millie n Maybelle

by Ruth Martin
(Tyne & Wear, England)

Millie n Maybelle

Millie n Maybelle

I couldn't possibly choose which of my pups to submit a pic of so I'm hoping you will pick them both for 'Jacks of the month'. Millie is about 9 months and Maybelle 2 months in this pic. Millie is a model dog who is very clever, can sit, stay, down, say her prayers, jump through a hoop and pirouette with just a move of my finger. She is so sociable with other dogs and humans. Maybelle on the other hand is terrified of other dogs apart from Millie, bounces like a kangaroo, pulls Millie's ears and bites her legs, she is also as thick as two planks of wood, but I wouldn't have her any other way as she is as loving as you can get. She was born stillborn on mothers day this year and the breeder had to work on her for half an hour to get her breathing again. She is our little 'miracle' angel.


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