Michelle M.

by Michelle M.
(Lancaster, CA.)

My JRT had puppies 6 weeks ago. She ended up having a C-Section because one of the pups was stuck in the birth canal. The pup was stuck with the feet trying to come out first and the head stuck down against the neck. All 5 puppies came out alive, but the pup that was stuck in the birth canal is skinnier than the rest of the pups and is less playful than the others. She now is beginning to scratch alot. All 5 puppies have had their first shot within the last week. The puppy that was stuck has always been thinner than the rest of the litter. Also, the mom (Belle) tried more than once to reject this pup about a week after the litter was born. She picked the pup up and tried to take it upstairs under my bed and leave it there. We took the pup to the vet and was told to feed the puppy formula that the vet gave us in case the mother did not want to feed her anymore. Well, after a few hours back at home, we reintroduced her back the litter and Belle was ok with her. A few days later and a couple times after that she tried the same thing and we did the same thing to rectify it. Since then everything has been ok. All the puppies eat Iams Puppy solid food mush 4 times a day with a water dish always down. I am doing everything I have researched in raising these puppies, but the puppy that I am concerned about is the one I'm afraid I'm going to lose. Sorry for the extremely long question, but I wanted you to know everything about the situation before trying to help me answer. I appreciate any help you can give me. I feel lost.

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