by Myfanwy
(Leominster, England UK)

Say Hello to Mia

Say Hello to Mia

Hi this is Mia our eldest JRT she is a 1 year old girl, we also have another JRT Axel who is a 6 months old boy. We love them both but Mia is the most photogenic. She loves it when she has her picture taken, she is such a poser. I love it! I actually managed to get her to smile in this pic which is great. I know its a bit blurry, but she was moving as well. Mia and Axel love to play, they do it all day long. They also like to hunt. My husband takes them rabbiting even though Mia has only caught 2 so far she has only been doing it for a few months and it's now gone to cold for it. Mia and Axel get on really well with our other cats. Mia was there when our cat had her kitten. She was like her nanny. It was great to watch her care for her. She was so loving, and now they all get on so well. They sleep all together in one big bed, they love each other so much. Hopefully Mia and Axel will be having babies at the end of the year as Mia will be well over 18 months old and Axel will be mature then too. We have already had orders in for these gorgeous dogs. These are my babies and I love them so much, I just wanted to share them with you, Thanks!

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