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Jun 02, 2012
June contest
by: Duckie

I've been voting for Patchie from the beginning of this contest, and it seems to me that he has won. No disrespect to Roxy, she's a cutie, but someone cannot count.

Jun 02, 2012
in reference to roxy winning
by: darcy

I followed the votes on a daily basis and Patchie was way ahead of everyone. I understand there is no money to be won for the contest but when patchie had over 200 votes compared to 11 votes how in the world did roxy win.I was one of alot of people voting on a daily basis for patchie so i kept track of the votes. please explain.No disrespect to Roxy or her owner but things should be done fair and square

Jun 01, 2012
June 2012
by: Deborah

I think you are so wrong who the winner is for this contest it is my Patchie who won this contest Please get it right!

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