Jack Russel

Maximo the JRT

by Mila Dorotea
(Miami, Florida)

Americana Jack Russell, Maximo

Americana Jack Russell, Maximo

For years, I only had cats and I presently have 4. A friend of mine kept finding strays and found homes for all of them. One day, she found a Jack Russell about 1 year old, roaming near her office without ID or collar. She picked him up, took him home, and that evening called me, the cat person, to come see him. She said it was my turn, she would pay half the vet bill. I took her up on the offer and took him home. At bedtime, he jumped on the bed and curled next to my head.

About the cats? He plays with Jack, the Siamese. Kiwi, the black cat, growls at him and Max keeps his distance. Jilli, the calico runt, is chased by him. Then there is a recent addition, an outdoor black cat, recently spayed, loves to rub against Max and curls in his bed with him.

I've had him for 1 1/2 years and he has changed my life-style: I now walk 1 1/2 miles with him every morning, sometimes 2 1/2 miles on weekends. I've met many dog owners. We meet in the mornings, especially on weekends, and let the dogs play together. This has developed into a network and we dog sit for each other.
Also, I've petitioned for a dog park in our community, a slow process in the works. I've used my talents for sewing and made reversible Jean Jackets for dogs. I've taken Obedience classes with Max and taken him to Agility classes. And...I taught him to surf so he could be in the water with me.

Who would believe Maximo is my FIRST dog, and a Jack Russell at that !!!

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Nov 03, 2007
Lucky Dog!
by: Pics & Tics

How glad I am to know Maximo has found such a great home. And isn't it funny how a dog can change your life completely.

Thank you for such a great story Mila.


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