Mating or Breeding

by Mrs. Carol Butler
(Campobello,SC USA)

Playtime video

Playtime video

We have a 3 year old female Jack Russell shorty and acquired a 1 year old Jack Russell terrier. We wanted our female to have one litter of puppies before we got her fixed. Right now she is in her (worst)most aggressive heat cycle. When she started, she tried to "ride" him (and was backwards at that) and even tried to ride my husband's leg. Now the terrier is trying to mate with her and she tries to tear his face off. If we separate them, he goes crazy trying to get to her. They play well together and sometimes she lets him "try" but he is "all motion" and no connection. What are we to do? Should we just wait until she gets to the end of her cycle and just get her spayed or should we try to be patient? We are not breeding to make a lot of money. We will probably give them to family members and friends who really like our dogs. Also the terrier is really bad about climbing and jumping all over people and loves to lick you in the face. He has started to get better but with her in heat, he is at his best behavior asleep.

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