I have a JRT with 26 lbs (12 kilos) in weight, 20,8 inches length (53 cms) from neck to tail, and 15-16 inches (37 cms) height from toe to back.

He looks great and muscled, loves activities and generally very energetic. He loves to play and run. His favorite game is running between me and my wife at a distance of approximately 5 meters (200 inches) while we throw a rubber game to each other and he tries to get it.


1. Is his size normal? never read for such a big JRT and everybody tells me that he looks great in proportions but much bigger than any JRT they ever saw.

2. Is it normal after a few runs up and down (maybe 15 or 20) between me and my wife (the game I mention above) to look a tired with his tongue out like trying to grasp a breath (but still very very happy)? (I know they love to play and have a lot of exercise)

3. Is there any reason for me to check for heart problems due to both of the above?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. conditions: temp: 25c (77 F), inside apartment

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Jul 10, 2010
the hard truth!
by: Mario

Dear all of the above (and more to come I think),

Thank you all for your help and responses. Unfortunately what I didn't tell you (and that's why I wrote my questions), is that our loving 'son' Marfy has passed away 10 days ago in the VERY sweet age of 3,5 !!!

He was right next to me and my wife (we are 40 and 34 respectively) out on the balcony i playing as usual with his favorite toys, when all of a sudden i we heard a sound from him and saw him lying with his mouth shut and his eyes motionless. I immediately tried to help him and check if something was in his mouth but it wouldn't open till I really used both hands and plenty of effort. Nothing was inside even all the way down. No movement at all while I was trying to help his heart and lungs with my hands. I even tried to close his eyes but the muscles kept them open. He was like long gone without any noises, any steps for help towards us even though we were less than 2 ft away.

Then... after 1 or 2 mins (or a lifetime as far as I'm concerned) we heard his last breath (or soul???) leaving his beautiful body.

You can't even imagine how we felt, and I was really scared for my wife also who is pregnant in his 8th month with our first child. I really hope to you all you will NEVER have to go thru this in your life.

Anyway, sorry for spoiling your mood, the thing is that at the same moment he was leaving this world, the vet on the other side of my wife's phone said that according to all the symptoms i he had the unbelievable-only-in-the-books heart stroke that happens once in a million at this young age.

That's why I used up all your time... I really can't swallow the fact that my loving 'boy' with all his fun, beauty and love, had a heart stroke (cardiomyopathy or something as the vet said over the phone with all the symptoms).

So please... if anybody knows that is is possible and me and my wife didn't do anything wrong, please let us know.

Thank you all for you answers and may God bless you all!

Mario & Fofi

Jul 10, 2010
mario's size
by: Anonymous

That does sound large for a jack. He may be mixed with something else?

You did not mention Mario's age. How old is he? My jack is 9 years old and she gets out of breath as well and her tongue hangs out while panting (ha) but she knows when she's done and will stop. Just don't over-do it with Mario if he seems tired. He will stop on his own, however, if he is very attached to you both he may try to keep up with you playing. Be sure you ALL take breaks.

As far as his heart...again I don't know how old he is, but if you are concerned the best thing you can do is simply have him checked by a vet. Alot of dogs do have heart issues. If he seems like he is coughing alot, that could be the case or it could be allergies.

Also, it may be cool in the apt, but if it is humid outside where you live, a dog will definately feel it as well as you do.

Hope this helps.

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