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male jacks wont stop fighting, need serious help!

by Katy

we have three JRT. 2 males and one female. I know this sounds like a bad idea, but we got one male and the female at the same time. they had puppies and we sold all of them but one. we ended up keeping him of course. They have all been together for about 2 years now, with almost no problems at all. Until recently that is. In the past 2 weeks the two boys have really gotten into it about three times. Someone has always been around to stop the fight before it got to serious, but last night they were latched on to each other and it took a while to get them seperated. One has a really bad scratched eye and the other has a gash on his leg and a really bad bite on his ear. We cleaned them up and have kept them separate, but during the week when no one is home they all stay outside together. Im very worried what will happen when no one is watching them. I cant even imagine giving one of them up, and don't even know anyone that I could even trust with one. They seem really sad since they have been separated, and its only been one day.

What could have caused this fighting all of a sudden, and what can I do to stop this behavior?

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