Male Jack Russell Terriers Fighting

by Melvina
(Minford, OH USA)

I have three Jack Russell Terriers. Two males and one female. The two males (father & son) have begun to have bad fights. I can barely get them broken up. I am afraid that one of them is going to kill the other one. I have been off work on sick leave and will be returning soon.

The dogs are home alone for 11-12 hours a day. I
really don't like to crate them for so long. I love all my dogs and really don't want to have to
get rid of one of them. If I have them neutered will it help with the aggression?

Editor Suggestions regarding two male Jack Russell Terriers fighting

When dogs fight, it usually represents some type of instability in the "pack" This includes human family members who may favor one dog over another, upsetting the natural balance of power. To resolve the problem, the dogs need some way to work out who is the dominant dog.

To stop the fighting, the dogs will need to work it out themselves without hurting each other. One approach is to muzzle each dog so they can't hurt each other. They will still tussle, but this will work towards resolving the problem.

It is also possible that the dogs only fight when you are present, particularly if you favor one dog over the other. Your presence can boost the status of one dog, upsetting the balance in the household. For this reason, never favor the dog that is subordinate. What you should do is support the most dominant Jack Russell as this will strengthen his position and make it clear to the other the he is in charge. The most dominant dog if you can't tell is the one that instigates the fights. Favor the dominant dog by feeding him first, petting him first etc.

If these types of techniques do not work, as a last resort there has been some success with the drug Prozac in treating these rivalry issues. As an alternative, you could try a homeopathic such as Aggression Formula, although it may or may not help, but worth trying.

Best of luck.

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Sep 02, 2011
Jack Russell Males
by: Darlene

I have a 3 year old male jack and a 4 year old female. They both get alone great together like a good husband an wife !! But I have a male dog living on the side of me and they fence fight bad.

One day all I wanted to do is pick up my male Jack and he bit me. Not bad but boy did it hurt. So I had to block the fence with wood so they cannot see one another. Now my dogs can go back out. But a male jack can be very mean to other male dogs.

I spoil them rotten !!

Jun 15, 2011
Bad Boy Jacks
by: mrs weir

I also have Father and son and mother, I only kept the baby boy as he was the runt of the litter and was so far behind in development compared to the other puppies , and was having trouble walking.

As time went on we all became attached to him. So I kept him. He has turned out fine. Now he is one and a half.

His father and him began to fight a couple of months ago and at times they got rather aggressive. I worry about my teenage daughters and have told them not to go near them when they fight. I do believe it has alot to do with the alfa male problem. I'm not sure if desexing will solve this problem. And not sure what I'm going to do about it...

Jul 12, 2010
Same situation - in need of help!
by: Anonymous

I, too, have three Jack Russells: two males and one female - father, mother, son. My two males have begun fighting terribly, as well. The difference between our scenarios is that both of the males are neutered.

Like you, I really don't want to give one up. Even if I could find a good home, how would I decide which one to give up?

If anyone out there has advice, please provide!

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