Male Jack Russell and Female Puppy

Why is it, when I brought home a new female jack puppy, my 2 year old Jack doesn't like her? He is very mean to her and nipped her when first meeting her. I let him smell her. but he wanted to bite her? Can you please help me?

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Sep 07, 2008
It's Natural.
by: Jack Russell lover

Hey, don't worry! have you ever had another dog with your 2 year old? It could be scary for him. I agree with the last comment, make special time for your 2 yr old and try and give equal attention with both pets. I just recently brought a small female pup into the home too, at first my dog didn't seem to like her, but know the sleep in the same bed! Don't worry, it's natural for dogs to feel jealous because he might not of had much contact with another. You may want to consider getting your 2 year old done just to be on the safe side.

Good luck!

Jul 31, 2008
Male JRT and Female Puppy
by: mary-harborview jrts

How old is the new puppy? Have you been spending a huge amount of time with new puppy and less with your 2 year old? Make special time for the 2 year old. If the new puppy is able to walk with you on a leash, take them both, one on each side. Is your male neutered? If not, get him done ASAP. The new puppy may be so young and small that the nipping puppies do can be very annoying to the adult. I have some males that adore all my new puppies, females and I have one that absolutely hates new puppies because they are annoying at a young age.

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