Madison now rests in "Madison's Square Garden."

by Susie
(Plant City, Florida)

She was our little "Mattie." Patched eye, perky sister used to say she looked like she had lips because of her dark mouth. Madison was our baby- a little clown full of love and always by our side. She loved chasing the lizards...they didn't stand a chance against her quickness. Madison was our Christmas present to our kids four years ago, and I had searched over 400 websites until I found just the right one. She became suddenly ill, and within 24 hours she was gone. To this day nobody is sure exactly what made her so ill. Madison gave us so much joy; we buried her in the backyard under a grapefruit tree- a nice quiet corner resting place, and my son affectionately named her resting place as "Madison's Square Garden." We all cried- she was a part of our family! We still go out to talk to her...with our two new terrier mix puppies. We adopted them from a rescue mission. We thought that if we couldn't save Madison, then we could save someone else. And so we saved two. Not to replace Madison....there isn't a dog out there to replace her....but we could replace the joy and presence that a dog brings into a home. "Frodo and Sam" now frolic where Madison once did. Somehow I don't think Madison would mind. Good-bye to our little Madison- we will never forget her.

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Dec 12, 2007
Dear little Mattie
by: Pics & Tics

Oh Susie, what a sad but precious story. We here at Pics & Tics extend our hearfelt sympathy to you and your family.

There's just no way to replace them. But it's wonderful that you adopted the two pups. I'm sure they will be a help to you as my Annie was when I lost my Jimbo.

Thank you for sharing this.


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