Lucy you're Home

by Marla and Larry
(Erda, Utah)

Smelly Feet? I don't care about no stinkn feet!

Smelly Feet? I don't care about no stinkn feet!

Lucy is a very small JRT. She was placed with a rescue organization by her owners when she was only about 3 mo old. We adopted her when she was about 13 months old. We got her to keep our mini dachshund company. At first it worked too well. We felt abandoned by our dachshund. It soon wore off and now we have both wanting our undivided attention. They love each other but also have a never ending need to play fetch. Lucy thinks she is the enforcer. We have another dog who is an Airdale. Lucy must protect us from him (or so she thinks). He is not allowed to come anywhere near us when she is around. She was already trained to sit,beg,shake, give five and rollover when we got her. She gets so excited about rolling over she cheats. She will spin around on her butt instead of going all the way down for the roll. She loves to sleep under the blankets and she stands on her head when playing with our dachshund. She doesn't get out much during the winter due to the weather but now that its warm she loves to go out and sit in the sun and bark at all the cats she sees.

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