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Lucy my JR

by susan
(york england)

Can anyone help me. My JR Lucy has one to two inch lumps over her head, body and legs. One nasty one over her eye, Her coat is raised. She is licking and rubbing, not scratching, the lumps, but especially over her eye. Does anyone know what it could be. Many thanks.

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Oct 11, 2011
Lucy's Lumps
by: Anonymous

It sounds like an allergic reaction to either the food you are feeding her or the soap you are using to wash your clothing, her bed and such.

First try changing her food to an all natural brand listing meat and vegies or rice FIRST. Very important like the last comment says. If you can't pronouce anything in the ingredient list, it's not real food. Switch up your laundry soap on things that Lucy comes into contact with, see if that changes anything.

In the mean time, don't wait for a change in the lumps, if she is rubbing the lumps and not scratching it's because they are hurting her.

See your vet ASAP!

Aug 16, 2011
Your JRT
by: Eva Haberlova

I recommend you have change dog food expensive . Also you can cook beef or chicken for 2 hrs add carrot and peas boil for 10 min . Rice cooked mix with cut cooked beef and vegetable.. Its healthy for your JRT. Lump cause of dog food bec the manufacturers make meats of dead cow,sick animals and dead kill road animals.
This is bad.
email me cozysheep7@aol.com

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