Lucy & Jake

by Stephanie Chavez
(Las Cruces, NM (USA))

Lucy & Jake Xmas '08

Lucy & Jake Xmas '08

Here is a pic of Lucy (our new JRT--3 mos old) and Jake (5 1/2 yrs) Xmas '08.

Lucy is Jake's new buddy. She came to us at the age of 6 weeks. Not usually believing in 'breeders', we thought we'd give it a shot this time because I wanted to raise a JRT the 'right way' from the beginning. We had another we got at 9 mos and as much as we loved and worked w/ our little Petey, he still suffered from so many issues. After losing our Pete on 8/8/08 (he darted in front of a UPS truck) and I just didn't want to go through that kind of trauma, depression and heartache again. But we knew Jake needed a buddy. We kept visiting the animal shelter but just couldn't find that match to fill that void in our home. We found Lucy through a mutual friend and thought we'd give a 'brand new puppy' a chance. Wow. May as well had a baby. LOL. Little Lucy IS a wonderful addition to our family. She's brought so much life and laughter to our home. She loves to go for rides in her doggy stroller, loves to bury every toy and treat under the laundry. And usually comes to ME with her treat to hold for her or rest it on my neck so she can better nibble at it. She loves to 'perch' on our necks in the car, on the sofa, etc. She's so lovable and playful. Sometimes a little too much for Jakey Poo. =)~ But he loves her too! Don't you Jake?!

Jake has been with us for almost 6 years now. I had my name on the list for a JRT at our local animal shelter and had been visiting it every day for a month! One particular Saturday while I was there, I saw a woman walking out of adoptions w/ a young JRT female. What?!? One of the new gals who worked there 'thought THAT woman was me, the one who had been calling and looking for a JRT' but luckily they had another in the medical unit who had just arrived the day b4! So I brought "Jake" home!

Jake's story! - I was working for a non profit agency at the time and had a huge breakfast awards meeting about 3 days after I brought Jake home. I sat at a large table with several other employees from non profit agencies. I started talking about my new addition and the director from the homeless shelter, who was sitting directly across from me, told me that was "Reebok"! She described him perfectly, recognized his pic and told me that he had belonged to one of her clients at the shelter! She had even taken care of him overnight on a couple of occasions when his owner was incarcerated. The ladies at the "Soup Kitchen" next door to the shelter fed Jake chicken and all that yummy stuff! She said Jake doted on his original owner, and she (owner) had promised as soon as she got on her feet, started receiving her SS $, that she'd buy a little house w/ a yard for him, etc. Apparently, as soon as she received her first SS check, she bought a bus ticket and left my Jake (we neverrrr say the name "Reebok" around him! LOL) behind! Their security guard took him in but Jake ran away from him and landed at the animal shelter. The director wanted to adopt Jake but couldn't afford the $90 fee. And the rest is history! Jake suffered from separation anxiety for a good year but has been a loyal and loving member of our household ever since. He knows where he belongs...

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