Jack Russel

Lucky Shot

by Donna Stiles

Strange bed fellows

Strange bed fellows

This picture is of Kisha my JRT and my cat Buddy both sound asleep neither one aware of each other usually Buddy avoids Kisha giving her a swat once in awhile just to let her know who was here first this just happened to be a lucky shot and once Buddy woke up you should have seen his face let me tell you it was unforgettable Kisha woke up just about the same time and the shock on her face was pure fear all at once they flew in different directions and I was in stitches

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Jul 28, 2009
by: dlyncottn

Adorable! It shocks me to see a JRT getting along with a cat because that is NOT their nature. I know they can be trained as a pup to live in peace with cats, otherwise...watch out! The true nature of a JRT is a known "cat enemy". I can say this due to some unfortunate experiences "we" had with neighboring kitties. Three, to my knowledge, met an early demise upon entering our yard. He got a facefull of claws and teeth, but (naturally) that didn't stop him. JRT's aren't afraid of anything that looks like "critter" to them.

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