Luckie-The No Fear Wonder!

by Lisa
(Lithia Springs, GA USA)

The Real Wonder Dog

The Real Wonder Dog

I have a wire hair Jack Russell terrier named Luckie. I was blessed with Luckie when she was about the age of two.

I was reading your article on the behaviors for the breed, with them being territorial and protectors. Well I have a story for you!

On July 4th a couple of years ago, my sister and her family came over to visit. My son & niece decided to go outside and play. Since we don't have a fence Luckie stayed inside with us. Well the kids started screaming; we looked out the window and saw two rottweilers in the yard coming toward the kids. We opened the back door (totally forgetting about Luckie), when she comes flying around the corner and out the door! She charges at both dogs barking and challenging them right in both their faces, she was not standing down. She barked and drove them right out of her yard, scared me to death, I just knew they would grab her and kill her instantly. Once they were off HER property, she trots back in the house as if she was just out for a walk. Never had I seen anything like it. She is just as silly as we are!

Luckie will always be a family member, alarm system, and protector.


Lisa, Christian, & Luckie!

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