by Sarah
(Norfolk, VA)

Meet Loulou

Meet Loulou

Loulou is about 1 but we are not sure as she was a rescue dog, we got her last summer as she was then been taking away from her previous owners as they were not looking after her. She was kept with 4 other dogs which were very boisterous and would push her about, because of this the food which the dogs did get given was all taken buy the big boisterous dogs who would not let Loulou get a look in. now she is with my family-mum, dad and 3 children, and loves spending time with us. She is a very friendly kind lap dog! She loves going to the beach, out for a walk and even laying on our laps. When we first got her we had an old Labrador called Kim, who was so excited to have a friend again. Unfortunately Kim was lost a few months after we got Loulou, but Loulou stayed laying beside until she passed away. She is what makes me wake up in the mornings.

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