Lost and Found

by Sue
(Cross City, Florida USA)

I had an adult jack russell female show up in my yard. I had her for 4 days, and finally located the owner. I gave her back but two days later she was back.

She loves my other 2 dogs, and my 6 cats. I spoke to the owner and she gave her to me as she only had her a couple months and told me she keeps running away.

Her owner also advised me that she was abused, had barbed wire for a collar and had cigarettes extinguished on her paws.

She is so sweet and well behaved-no barking, no jumping, nothing typical of what i have read about the nature of jack russells.

Do you think she is playing me or is she for real the neatest and smartest dog i have ever seen?

PS Her name is Suzy, what a coincidence!

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Jun 10, 2008
Lost and Found
by: mary-harborview

Congrats to you on getting a winner in your life. and Congrats on your Suzy for finding a loving home.
I find it strange that this former owner who has all this mistreatment to tell you about is the same person that cannot make it so that this wonderful dog cannot get loose from her property and be put into harms way again. What is wrong with her!!!!!!!!

So if any of it is true, move on, the dog has. Love your new buddy and forget the past, enjoy each day.

Mar 17, 2008
Mrs. S
by: Anonymous

This is an honest behavior. JRT's are a great breed, but stubborn.

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