Losing hair

by Leah
(South Africa, Cape Town)

I have two Jack Russells, my boyfriend one. Now his dog has 2 little spots on his back left thigh/leg. These spot have lost some of their hair, and it seems is losing more. He does not have any scars on the spots. Do you think that a tick bit him, died, and now the hair is falling out there were the tick bit him? We are also giving him livers & kidneys(Cooked) every 2nd day to eat do you think too much of this could cause this? I just do not know how serious this is? And am worried that he will lose more hair?

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Nov 14, 2007
Spot mystery
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Leah and thank you for your question. I see you are in South Africa and I know it can be very hot there, have you considered it being hot spots? This condition can cause redness and discomfort to the dog but is treatable. Seek your vet's advice as I'm not sure if that's what it is. But it is quite common in dogs. Your vet will have the right medicine for it if that's what it is.

Good luck,

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