Long Live

by Alyssa
(Mount Forest )

Can you tell me if you can do anything to make your jack russells live longer ?

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Dec 28, 2021
Helping Your Jack Live Longer
by: Jeff

The lifespan of a Jack Russell Terrier is about 15 years. The way to help your dog live longer is to provide an AAFCO certified pet food from a reputable brand.

You should also bring your Jack to your vet for annual check-ups and when there are any signs of a problem. These signs include unexplained changes in behavior, changes in water consumption, a break from the normal routine when urinating or pooping, changes in poop or urine color, lethargy (acting tired), and avoidance of exercise.

At the same time, Jacks as you know are smart dogs and need intellectual stimulation. Try and stick to a regular schedule of walks outdoors, and in the home, consider a Kong Toy where a dog has to figure out how to get at a treat.

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