Lola -Ruler Of The Beach

by Kimberly Holmes
(Somerville, Ma. USA)

We got "Lola" when she was only 7 weeks old. At first we decided on another female in the litter, and on the day we were picking her up, little Lola caught our eye. She was vibrant, lovable, and was the runt of the bunch of six. We ended up taking Lola, and by the way, the owners were calling her "Yoshi Mama" at first.

Lola's behavior reminds me of a male dog sometimes, with her humping behavior and being very dominant. Lola recognizes me as "Mama" and my husband's name as "Daddy." Lola is very obedient with Daddy, which is a male, and Lola being a female, will surrender (usually by peeing.)
Her markings are beautiful, being mostly bright white,brown marking on her right eye and right behind her tail. Her hair on her snout to her neck is short and the hair beyond her neck is very longer down to her tail. Her mother and father, an unusual pair, had very different observations.
The mother was very small, very short hair, long snout, and basically looks like Lola. The father, was tall and medium sized, very long haired, and tale cropped like the mother and had a short snout with a goatee. The father barked all the time, and the mother only barked when a door opened.
We raised Lola and were stern with her. She had a peeing problem in the beginning, but with a stern voice, she listened. Putting her nose close to the pee-pee really made her think twice.
She basically never barked, loved being next to mommy and daddy, and next to children she was so good. She never was in a little doggie kennel at night, she slept right with us, and yes we sometimes had to deal wth some pee-pee. But soon after, she gave us the sign on when she needed to pee, and this was about 9-10 weeks. It was incredible. Lola's personality potrays an obediant and cuddly dog. I hear nightmares of some Jack Russells, but you know, with alot of Love and Affection, we can basically walk her without a leash.
We took her to the beach at 9 weeks, and let me tell you, she swims constantly, and regulates. All dogs seem to get a kick outta her, and if she feels offended she will let you know, just with one look, not attacking.
Here is Lola, our little Jack.

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