Little Sweetie

by Jennifer
(Alberta, Canada)

Fanny at Five Months Old

Fanny at Five Months Old

We have a five year old Jack named Ziggy who was getting a little too possessive around other animals. We got Fanny from a JRT breeder two months ago and she is a perfect companion for Ziggy. Incredibly strong already at five months old, Fanny is giving the old man a run for his money. She is fast and loves off leash running and despite her young age is very well behaved at the local park. She is just about to start obedience training which is so important for this breed. Fanny is a wonderful bit of sunshine each day and in usual Jack fashion she also manages to do something each day that makes me shake my head. A little angel and little devil in one dog. I am very happy we added Fanny to our pack and would recommend two jacks instead of one. But be careful not to have two females together unfortunately that mix does not always work well.

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Nov 07, 2010
by: Japie

There are no dogs on this planet,that are better friends than a JACK RUSSEL!!!!My boy is almost 7 but he jumps and runs around like he is still a puppy.he was last nonth's jack.he is my soul mate.

Sep 26, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

I just saw your question to the lady with Fanny and Ziggy. Okay, let's start from the beginning.
How old are the dogs and their gender please? Email me back with that and also how long you have had them together and which one you got first?
Stef, Belgium

Sep 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

What a cutie pie!! I have a male and female Jack and they fight terribly....I was thinking that it was best to have just one Jack, but maybe you can give me any helpful hints on how to keep them from fighting so badly!! Any hints would be great!

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